I am Adrian, the maker of Nature Exposed,
located in the beautiful Comox Valley, Canada.

My name is Adrian Granchelli and I have forever been fascinated by both science and art.  

I am a mechanical engineer and an educator. I studied at the University of British Columbia receiving an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, and a Master’s degree in Educational Technology.  I have experience in both formal and informal education settings, and ultimately want to inspire others to be more curious about the world around them.

I’ve always been experimenting with visual arts and the more I learned about science, math, and everything, the more I incorporated it into my art. I began working at Wachiay Studio, a screenprinting shop, where both Natasha and I got to try out screenprinting – and we loved it! Screenprinting opened up a new avenue for creativity and a streamlined do-it-yourself manufacturing process. This inspired us to formalize our passion for science and art into a brand and so began Nature Exposed.

Art is powerful.

About Wachiay Studio

Wachiay Studio is where all of the printing happens. 

Wachiay Studio is a social enterprise operated by the Wachiay Friendship Centre in the traditional lands of the K’òmoks First Nation, Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada. The studio focuses on urban and rural Aboriginal youth by offering services for artists, schools, community groups, and individuals to learn screen printing while working alongside industry professionals. In addition to its training programs, the studio provides commercial print services that include textiles, posters, and fine art screen printing.

Learn more here: https://wachiaystudio.com/

Water based inks are the go to for Wachiay Studio. They are non-toxic and environmentally friendly without comprising quality.

About Our Materials


Bella + Canvas are a green company through and through — taking every opportunity they can to reduce co2 emissions. They use 7x less water than average clothing manufacturers, and their manufacturing facilities produce almost no landfill because they recycle pretty much everything that can’t be turned into a tee. Learn more here.

100% SWEATSHOP FREE and Platinum WRAP Certified. Doing things the right way has never been up for debate. American made is something we believe in deeply and have been manufacturing in the U.S. and internationally in a no-sweat-shop, humane, sustainable way since day one. Learn more here.