Apparel inspired by nature

exposing the science and math that makes it happen

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The Mission

Nature Exposed aims to reveal the natural beauty in science, math, and our world at large. We want to expose nature in an angle we might not be used to. 

Our art are custom depictions of the science and math found in nature in an effort to engage your curiosity and spark conversation. We want to share this endless inspiration that nature provides us.

Bite-Sized Learning

Each design is paired with a caption that explains the artwork and natural phenomena. The caption provides a bite-sized piece of learning so that you can understand, feel empowered by knowledge, and dress smart.

This is microlearning in action – delivering small bits of information with enough depth to captivate at the right moment in time.

Hand Made

Custom and original art, locally created in the Comox Valley.

All of our art and apparel is screen printed by hand so that every single piece has that human touch. 

From ideation to your wardrobe, we do it all.

Screen printing

Eco Friendly

We care so deeply about the environment that we pledge to donate 10% of all revenue to science, education, and/or environmental causes.

All of our materials and processes are environmentally conscious and ethically produced. We source the best materials that agree with our values including the use of water-based, non-toxic inks.